Help - cannot upload my codecanyon file

When I try to download my new file I get the followingInstalling Plugin from uploaded file:
Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

Destination folder already exists. /www1/639/

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugin Installer

I got that message the first time I ever tried to download it? any ideas?

There is already a js composer installation on your wordpress , or there is a undeleted folder of js composer…

Go to : wp-content/plugins and delete the folder js_composer , then try to install it , it will install then.

Make sure you are doing it in right way , and not conflicting with anything , double check there might be your theme using js composer to build the pages , careful with anything you do , you might break the pages.

Thanks, by wp-content do you mean the plugin section on the dashboard?

Do both of things.

1 , go to plugins section and check if plugin is already there or not , if yes then delete it and reinstall.

  1. if plugin is not present inside plugins section , then access your ftp and go to wordpress 's wp-content/plugins folder , and look for ; js_composer folder and then delete it , and from admin dashboard try to re-install new one.