Help!!! Can not get anything to work on PS

I am new to this site and graphics in general. Not real computer literate it seems. I downloaded a menu template for my restaurant from this site. I selected the one I did because it looked nice and the designer seemed like he was willing to help if you emailed him. But I did and not a peep out of him. I use an Apple computer and Photoshop. For the life of me I can not figure out how to make changes to his template. I can add text explaining my menu items under the category banners he designed. But some of those categories are not needed by me. And some need to be added. I can add text over his banner category, but the underlying color of the banner is obliterated in doing so. I keep getting oodles of popup error messages like must be rasterized etc. Does anyone have any sage advice? Or should I just abandon the entire idea. I am an American in Vietnam so it is hard to find someone to teach me PS.

The best way to get the support is Contact your purchased Item Author. Contact Author

Don’t worry just contact Author. Author will be very happy to assist you. Otherwise if you need customization of the Item then you can hire freelancer: from Envato Studio. They’re really good and surprisingly affordable.

Well contacting the author certainly does no good. I did that by the method it seems he prefers… email. But not a word. So now I am to take a gamble on a freelancer and see if they are any better. And if they are the same, then I have dumped more money in to this, what seems like a terrible site.

When you have contact the author? It is still weekend, and probably you will get your answers from Monday.

I contacted the author last week. Well lets hope he answers. Thanks