Help: Broadcasting Licencing Question

So, we found a specific sound that we would like to use for a YouTube video campaign. But the sound specifies that it can only be used on one end product. The videos that will be produced for said campaign will be 11. Does this mean that the sound has to be purchased 11 different times? Or is there any other way?


Indeed a license is good for one end product and thus in most cases for one video.

However, variations of a same video (cut-downs, minor text changes, translations,…) are covered by a single license. (more info there)

How different will your 11 videos be from one another?

There is also the series policy that allows a single license to cover up to 52 episodes (within a year). Though, in my opinion, invoking the series policy for an ad campaign would be abusive.

Sidenote, your title refers to broadcast licenses, but in your post, you’re describing a YouTube campaign. To avoid confusion, YouTube does not require a broadcast license which only applies to TV. A Standard license will be fine.


Thank you for the prompt answer!

The videos will have differences in their content and their time lengths. So I assume that we will have to purchase the underlying music file 11 different times with the Music Standard Licence. Because I don’t see an option of choosing how many licences I want to buy on the file itself.