Help Blogger template soft reject

Hi thank you for your time, I just want to ask for clarification since English isn’t my native language. So, could someone explain these instructions I received from Envato team?

  1. Make sure your file description includes:
    1.1 An accurate description of how editable or customizable the file is, credits and more information. It is helpful to the buyers to describe the level of editability and what is provided.
    1.2 Any elements that occur in the preview but are NOT in the download.
    1.3 Any outside assets, fonts, or resources used.

  2. Package doesn’t contain the template files.


  1. FF:
    1.1. I think I need to explain and improve my help file, correct?
    1.2. This is what confuses me, I did include credits of the images used on the template (which is pixabay), and several js plugins, and other stuffs so why did I get this? Please help me here.
    1.3. I guess it is same for 1.2?

  2. Uhmm, what does it mean? I am selling a Blogger template so I included the main XML file on the zip file, should I separate the HTML file, CSS, and JS???

Thanks in advance!