Help! Audiojungle Item rejected for general commercial quality standard

Hi everyone,

please help me to understand what general commercial quality standard means… or in other words, what’s wrong with the track? Thanks!

Hi there, if that is the actual finished composition, maybe some of the sounds are 8-bit? I guess 8-bit only works on beeps and blips and also weird sounds that have no precedent.

Thanks for comment, I’ll work on that!

btw, as far as I remember, there are no 8bit sounds, I guess it just came up sounding like that… I wanted to make it kind of granulary and distorted… U think I need to work on my synthy sound design?

I think this sounds like a cool game music track. Racing game for example. Not saying it can´t be useful in AJ, but then I think it´s important to specify for what use you imagine etc.

Overall great energy and drive. Maybe dial down the distortion a little bit on the main synth riff or do some middle EQ cut to make it less aggressive for the ears. Another idea is that maybe a lower pitch hi hat would be cool, to make it drive even more, the hihat which is now sounds a little thin. Anyway, it´s cool, hope you find use for it!

Hi Mojo! Thanks for the advices, racing was exactly what I was thinking about while making it.
I actually tried to make hihats lower, but because of the fat synth lines I couldn’t find space for them there…
I suppose you’re right about distortion and mid range… should’ve made it more smooth and low. I’ll keep that in mind for the future projects. Thanks!

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Hi there, yes l would maybe just download some higher res sounds for free

I can only say I love this and I can’t really tell why it hasn’t been accepted. To me it would work great on video games etc. Sorry for not being able to help!

I think positive feedback and cheer up words are also helpful. Thanks Julian!

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