Help! All my song rejected, I need some feedback

This is the las one, whats the problem quality mastering, quality instruments or its too bad the music. i really appreciate your opinion :slight_smile:

Great sound! But why such experiments with panning and why do instruments play in different scales? Correct these two points and you will have a great track.

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Thanks Romantic, i play e min but i check the different scales maybe i had a mistake. Have a nice weekend!

The extreme panning was a thing in the 60 and 70s, due to fixed LCR circuits on mixing boards.I personally dig that.The vintage mood is good but in my opinion the performing is a tad sloppy.Especially the guitar solo near the end of the track.Is pretty much dissonant with the rest of the tracks, and a bit allover.There were a lots of production in the prepunk era which sounded like that but that was due to the fact that they were stoned 100%.:upside_down_face:The overtones of the whistle creates dissonances.Redo the recording in a bit of non-experimental vibe​:wink:, try to treat the mix in a bit of a retro manner. (analog hiss, vinyl scratches).At least will make it sound retro as a deliberate choice.And subjective - the tempo is a bit low. Hope that helps.


Thanks Soundtrack!! i’ll work all the stuff

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