Help - A site is selling my template as their own product

Hi guys,

I have just stumbled upon a website which is selling my FCPX template and a @motioncan After Effects template and branded as if it is their own product to sell. They have even used the marketing graphics that we have designed and used on the item page and have a facebook page which started posting three days ago using my marketing videos as if their own to market traffic to their websites. I’ve even found them posting about ‘their products’ on Facebook community groups.

Am looking for any advice on how to deal with this. I’m sure others have had similar experiences so would appreciate any help.

One thing you can do is to request Google to remove that website from their search results. You can do this filling this form: (I already used it successfully, Google really removes them)

Other options to report that content are described in this article:

And on Facebook, just use the reporting tools/buttons found in pages/groups.

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Thanks so much going to get on this now :slight_smile:

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