Help a newbie out!

Hello, I’m a newbie to web development. Last week I agonized for hours pouring over choosing a theme, choosing a webhost. I finally decided to purchase the Enfold theme based on favorable reviews about support and customer service. After much headache and direction given from another developer, I decided that wordpress wasn’t my way to go.

I asked for a refund for the theme and was denied. Can anyone help? I paid $59 to download something that I will never use.

Unfortunately you are not entitled to a refund in these circumstances. Check here.

In some cases the author will choose to give one as a gesture, however they are not obligated to do so unless the file is broken or does not work as advertised, which seems unlikely from such a big selling theme and reputable author.

Thanks for the info. I can understand that a refund is not entitled. I just figured it’s good business for someone who literally requested the refund the day after purchase. I’m new to all of this. I chose a theme based on good reviews and support. All of this web development is gobbely gook to me so it’s hard to understand. It was an honest mistake that cost me $60 for the click of a mouse.

I’m hoping they may see that and treat me like a person instead of a dollar sign.

Digital good is easy to copy, reproduce, distribute without authors permissions. This is why you shouldn’t expect same care as in a physical shop, where you return a physical item. For a digital good it doesn’t matter if you requested refund day after purchase or 100 years after.

So from my perspective its lack of research from your side, you could have tried free themes before buying one. And second lack of dedication, installing wordpres theme and using it is not web development but a simple web administration which anyone can do.

And now you are trying to appeal to sellers kind side by posting issue on public forum and complaining that they should treat you like a person… not cool.

Talk to some other developers may be someone can use this theme for your website. Or you can explain here may be i can help you :slight_smile: