Help a newbie in Romantic Sentimental.

Hi.Not at all experienced in this genre. Tell me, is this work worth attention? I’m not talking about mastering, I’m talking about the arrangement and melody. I did not add percussion and other instruments, because I’m not sure that I’ll do everything right. In this form is satisfactory? I plan to replace the sound of strings with a better library.

The piano might work better at half tempo as it feels fast to me. Also try changing the velocities so it has more dynamics. Lastly I’d say the reverb tail is a bit too long. These are just my opinions though.

Thank you very much!

that’s better?

By no way does this fit in the category “Romantic Sentimental”.

Thank you for your comment! I agree with you. Tell me, to which category should this music fall, or is this music poorly created?

It sounds better to me slower, it sounded a little “rushed” before. Some impacts or low booms to mark some of the starts of sections in places would be cool. As for category, it’s a weird one as with some tracks it can be really subjective as to what “mood” they are. I think Audioland is right in this case though from the other music I have heard on here.

Many thanks for the feedback! I appreciate your desire to help. I tried different options for changing arpeggios, I can’t save the main theme with the changes. At the same time, the combination of batches of other instruments is crumbling. I will try to add accents to the piano in the bass register. I want to add a little percussion and bass violin orchestra. I decided to try to finish this track anyway. Thanks for the advice. I wish you success!

My friend, your song sounds more like a sketch for a full orchestration than a full song.

As a sketch it is very good, but the sketch is not gonna sell.


  • good quality instrument libraries (the most important)
  • effects, transitions, sections markings (Impacts, subdrops)
  • atmosphere
  • background from synthesizers or other instruments
  • accents of melody and changes in harmony
  • percussion accents as well as percussion itself
  • choir (optional)
  • properly arranged strings section

(I do not like the melody in 1:15 - 1:20, it does not run anywhere, it is too unstable)

If you would like this song to be accepted on audiojungle, then I would think about limiting the melody and doing an arrangement containing a gap between the segments (more breath).

It is risky to make a song in which the main melodies play a violin, and it’s still a sample.

When it comes to quality, you should focus on finding the best library of violins, violas, cello articulation legato, from my experience the most natural sound is offered by Cine Samples Tina Guo, but it is a cello.

When it comes to the violin, it’s hard to find realistic sounding sample instrument. (I’m talking about legato).

You got 2 choices, you create compositions with the exception of the melodic line played on long, expressive articulations, or you create a massive orchestration that will not show the lack of legato sample libraries

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Many thanks for the detailed comment and advice! For me, this is very valuable information. I will finish the track as you recommend.

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