Help a new seller to understand rejection of minimal framework.

My 2 items got rejected stating the same reason

Now, We have used well structuring of files and used ADODB, SMARTY Templating, Bootstrap, etc.

And our structuring is as shown below from the root folder.

You can check the demo at with demo as username and demo as password.

Please help me understand so that I can make necessary changes and upload my item again. What minimal framework to be used or so on. Or please suggest me after viewing the demo of my app.

Hi @psmpl

Try to use a folder where you group options.
For example:
Maybe this can be a bit more easier for customers and users to use.
Also you wanna try to have some aspects fixed, for instance… your images seem to be a bit pixelized.
Find errors if there’s any on your script. You also could try to have a bit more spacement on elements.
About documentation, do you have only present on the script, or do you provide one, like pdf or html apart from script?
I hope you can fix that :slight_smile:

Best regards.

Hi @ezcode,

Thanks for your response. My assets files are just the same as you mentioned. Images are submitted by users and my script is an infographic directory. I have attached documentation along with main file in .txt format. May be I should try with HTML documentation. Should I resubmit after making html documentation?

You need to see if it was soft or hard rejected.
If it was soft, you can fix those issues and try to re-submit.
If it was hard rejected, you’ll need to change all your project.

Its a hard rejected. I guess I should forget about codecanyon. I really dont know whether after changing the entire project they still accept or not. I guess, I should go with google adwords. Thanks for your time and support.

Hi! I also had this problem in my last item where my it’s hard rejected even though it’s coded and structured properly. You just have to fix the minor bugs and re-submit it again and tell them how your item works and what changes you have made. I works for me. And one more… You should organize the assets, put the js, css, img and images folders in a separate folder to clean it up.

Hi, you mean like this



Only for this, they hard rejected?

I think codecanyon reviewers doesn’t really view each files, they only look for properly organized and clean projects.

How are your files defined?
Do you keep the functions together on one file, or are they split for many files? It might be one reason that they pointed that out to you…

Each feature function is split into each functions page so that our users can know where to look for the function. For example all image functions put under function_images.php and all mail items in function_mailers.php

I believe this should be the way so that any layman should understand where to look and what to look. Am I not correct?

Even as envato provides free monthly files, I have looked into those files and it’s 300% better what others are provided. Some of them is even hard to trace important files. But we made sure that it’s should be easy with us.

What I feel is reviewer just reject it for first time and expecting explanations from us . So if I can’t be explainative for second time they will reject it. I think envato management should seriously look into it.

Dont bother, it doesn’t matter, my folder structure and code is “like recommended” psr standards, oop and all these things and still they gave same reason.