Greeting. I recently bought an avada for 60 + 18 for a year. I installed the Avada theme and registered the theme with the Purchase code. Now I want to register another Avada theme for the capture page so the system tells me that I have already used that code, so I don’t know if I have to pay the full amount of code again, or I can choose another code somewhere in my business office. Because if I have to pay avada again for the code, then this is a worldwide robbery and it is unacceptable. Please help

Each website requires its own unique license.

What do you mean by ‘capture page’?

If it is just a page within your website then you would not need to reinstall the theme for each page.

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i want to create an avada theme for the capture page on my subdomain, and if i want to do that i have to pay Avada $ 60 again to get the new code. So are they normal. This is insane, this is robbery. I make a more web sites, capture pages for my affiliate business, and I need to buy Avada ewery time If I want to register more subdomains.

The subdomain is treated and recognized as a separate installation and as such would require a separate license

This is bullshit, so you want to tell me that I need pay you 60$ for purchase code ewery time if I want to registered domain. You are thieves. I can give not les than 1$ for code. Oh believe me man and trust me i will create a huge post on the internet what kind of thieves you have become. Everyone will know, i can’t believe what a stinking thief you are.

Just for reference - we do not work for envato.

To clarify, when signing up/buying items everyone agrees to the Themeforest’s terms and conditions Licenses | ThemeForest, which clearly explain the limitations.

Out of interest - if you are not happy with these then why did you agree to them?

Thank you for the information, it will explain better to nown people what cind of thief you are.