Hello, what's wrong with this item?

[Uploading: Ativo 10ofiicial.png…]

I tried to post a work of art on GraphiRiver and it was not approved, it was refused and I cannot publish it again, as if it were a critical failure.

They didn’t give me any further explanations, I would like to know what happened.

If someone can give me an explanation, I will not make the same mistake next time.

To be honest, the quality is far from the standard on GraphicRiver, plus you’re using a copyrighted character which you’re trying to sell on your own, which is actually illegal.

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Thanks for the answer. What would be the quality of the illustrations? How can I improve?

Your illustration is too flat


i like much this one indeed :slight_smile:

hi u have start with reworking the shadowing this is either missing or being inappropriately done , as yours, at this stage is following no real logics indeed . the global style is a bit too childish and made of basic shapes almost exclusively and here is “where the big dogs play” and u are expected far more than this indeed. The illustration style and colors are too flat, introduce some gradients , use more complex shapes using the pathfinder and so on … introduce all shadowing where required, like in the ears , with the mesh tool or gradient tool at least, these sort of things … it would be also welcome to have a stroke around the different shape to adapt to more trendy styles too