Hello, this slogan has been rejected, but I do not know why, is it possible to help me explain the reason for the refusal before I re-upload another slogan?

wow super cool idea indeed, i like the concept and global style, the problem is that u messed the good idea with a typo that is not yet convincing enough… think about it the main name is not super readable and u could find fonts that turn out to be with full letters, be more readable and match more with what u have done again … the tagline is not in the right proportion either , this is a bit too big and the letters are too compact in it as the letter spacing is not optimized, increasing it will bring more breathing to the table

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Well, I thank you for the good clarification. You have benefited me a lot by criticizing my work for this, but if the idea is good and impressive, and only the error in the text, why was the design completely rejected? It is possible to change the text in proportion to the shape and then re-upload it again.