Hello, this slogan has been rejected because it is not up to the required level, but I do not know why, is it possible for my help to explain the reason for rejection before I re-upload another slogan?

hi u have a big issue of stye here … this is way too drawn and looks more like an illustration rather than a logo , not to mention that colors do not bring anything to the table except trouble for u to deal with, since what u have here is not harmonious color wise. if u ask me u should better opt for one color version with way thicket stroke so that it looks like a more more modern style logo. I would personally take out outside circles too because they are not really indispensable or making the logo look better visually speaking but rathe give u a hard time when it comes to introducing names. Besides, talking about names and thus fonts, the typo is far from standards right now, now only is that looking really old fashion style but this is not super readable, lacking variations and font combinations as well. Besides, u have a real issue in terms of hierarchy of information and this is how u got into trouble with circles, it would be better to have thing inverted , the tagline is usually smaller ad placed under the main name and not over. However if u really want to keep circles i recommend to have only one and that the owl is crossing it , using the pathfinder to but the owl away from the circle with additional a small space around it , your logo if one color and using this technique will radically get more modern in a second …

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I agree with most of what @n2n44 said. Though on the topic of illustration vs logo, I don’t think it’s always the case that an illustration can’t be used in a logo. Most of my clients come to me wanting something more illustrative, below is an example of one I did for a client recently, they had a specific font and layout in mind, and wanted a pheasant as the main draw. Their current logo is pretty bad in terms of being a logo, so I wanted to do something more illustrative. This was a first draft.

In the end, however, they just wanted a direct recreation of their old logo, which all they had was low res PNG/JPEG, so I remade it, but also tried to modernize it slightly. Personally I think this much detail, in this sort of format is terrible for modern logos, but it’s still what they wanted. Heck, they’re still debating on whether they want me to add even more detail.

Anyway, my point is that there’s still plenty of customers that want detailed and illustrative logos, so having the option on a marketplace like this can still be a good idea.

With your logo, @Omar_SofiKheder, I would recommend using one circle, like n2n44 mentioned, and make it smaller so that it’s similar to the first image I posted. Then simplify the shapes of the owl itself. I would highly recommend looking up “Owl Logos” on Google images, you’ll find a lot of really great examples and will give you a good idea of what to go for. Keep in mind for this particular style, less is often more, so keep it simple. A good practice is to make the logo as detailed as you want, then start simplifying it so you have the bare minimum while still being able to recognize what it is.

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