Hello, questions about file format

Hi, I’m kinda new here

And I’m just wondering why does most users post their product on Graphicriver in Photoshop format rather than Illustrator or In Design

Which more easier to design with.

Thanks in advance!

Use the software that suit your needs. Just make sure to keep text editable and use vector for logos or shapes that should be scalable. In photoshop, don’t forget to change your document to CMYK 300 dpi for printable items.

Well,haziqismail, It is prefible to buy a graphic element in Illustrator, since it is Vector based, or can be scaled without loss, and doesn’t have to be cleaned.

But l would prefer to use Photoshop every time, for flyers!

Photoshop is pixel based, or colored squares, so it is a lot easier to use, illustrator used paths, so for me at least, l would trip over open paths here and there, and get fed up with it pretty quickly.

I tip my hat off to people who can use it for complex graphics, but l wouldn’t go near it myself!


hi, because that’s the most widespread one and this is also the most versa tie to … u can even have vectors in photoshop for a good while now

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