hello ONAIR2 player HELP ME PLEASE

Hello I made an update of my version onair2 the player does not show day titles … I can not reach the support Quantun


I’ll tag the author into this thread @QantumThemes

Also, have you checked out their support information page? https://themeforest.net/item/onair2-radio-station-wordpress-theme/19340714/support


Hello LIVEMUSICRADIO, we have been in contact with you by email and by Envato forum, you correctly registered in our helpdesk and you also correctly added your purchase code to your profile, which grants you access to the dedicated support forum.

In your last email about your issue I asked you to could kindly send a screenshot of any error you see while trying to access the forum, to understand how to assist you, but i never had a reply on that.

I also sent you the direct link to the custom tutorial regarding your specific website, where you seem having problem to login.

As we have about 3500 subscribed users, is hard to say what exactly is happening in your case, so i kindly invite you to get in touch via email at info@qantumthemes.com and send a screenshot of the errors you see while entering our forum. Your satisfaction is very important to us and I want you to be fully independent on accessing the helpdesk crew and your solutions.


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