Hello, Need Qualiy check on a few tracks!

Hello Envato forum! I’m quite new to the sync world and it would be really nice if someone could quality check a few songs of mine before I upload to audiojungle. Its mostly if the arrangement / vibe / if the track even works in the world of envato. There’s 3 pretty bass heavy tracks in the playlist and I don’t know if it even works in the sync world :P.

All feedback is appreciated! Thank you.

Playlist : https://soundcloud.com/swingtos/sets/quality-check/s-WTtzIt7AZUB


My favorite track (favorite style) for the Audiojungle world:
To try…?
The sounds are clean!
Good luck… :wink:

PS: Wait for the opinion of real specialists… :face_with_monocle:

Thank you =).

yeah that was also the one i felt fitted the most!

thank you for listening. Any feedback is always nice to hear!

you can send me any music if you need any feedback on yours aswell =).

Hey Lobstermusic,

Without being an expert in this style, I think that your track Victory Future Bass has the best chance of passing the review process.

Best of luck!

I think your tracks sound great! I’m assuming they’ll pass review. If for some reason you do get rejections, my one advice would be to tone down the sidechain pumping in some tracks. The reviewer may think it sticks out too much for commercial purposes. But I’m relatively new to AJ too, so take my advice as a fellow beginner.

Thank you =).

thanks for listening, awesome to hear!

Best of luck to you aswell!

Thanks =).

Yeah I’m coming from a heavy electronic back ground where the sidechain house pumping is quite a normal thing for rythem and dynamics. I’ll definitely think about that for the commercial purposes so it makes it easier to fit into things. Right now the pumping is idd strong in those house tracks :P.

Thanks for listening I appreciate it!