Hello! My track got rejected after being in queue for 3-4 days, I'd really appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

Is it the mix, the arrangement, is it too loud? Please let me know, all criticism is welcome! :smiley:

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Actually, I don’t have any criticism for your track. Really dig the 80s vibe with the synth bass, guitar, chorus, and of course the drums! I can only wish you more luck with your next track! :four_leaf_clover:

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

Imho this doesn’t sound at all like 80s pop. Bad drum programming too.

Thank you for the feedback! How would you categorize this track, what would you change on the drums? Thanks!


In my opinion:
1.To much fills on drums.
2.The last part of music is similar to first part.
3.short intro and after that chorus maybe put verse first.(more clear form)
3.Simple sometimes is better than many elements .
4 Nice 80’s Pop idea.:+1: