Hello, My theme is Rejected !!

My item is hard rejected. Should I resubmit with hard changes ???

yes you can!
After significant change your are able to re-submit your hard rejected item.
Always Try to create unique & aesthetic design hope your item will approved.

ok noted. Thank You. :grinning:

@unlockdesign and one more thing…

why reviewer are not giving us the detailed points?
it will be helpful to us if they will give.

I think They are too busy with their work(item reviewing) may be they don’t get enough time to give more details about item rejection feedback.


Is it compulsory to add images with the theme ???

or else give no images with thumb size is it valid or not?

Use images for the demo but you have to replace these with placeholders in the download version

Thank You @charlie4282,


Is there any issue if we use below mention library in our themes?

  • Owl Carousel,
  • Font Awesome,
  • Bootstrap
  • Aos Animation / Wow animation

No!! :+1:

Thank You @unlockdesign

what about those paid libreries which we have already purchased before ?

can we use them in themes ?

If you use codecaonyon item then you have to get extended license for your themeforest each single item.
outside of envato market libraries you can use their license terms wise :slight_smile:

Noted !!!