hello, my logo has been rejected. Please help me to understand.

Hello, my Logo has been rejected. it would appreciate helping me understand the reason.!
logo presentation|147x500

I like the Art Deco aesthetic, but I think it might be a bit too complex with some lines being too close together, it makes it a bit confusing to look at and it gets worse when made smaller. You also need to work on the text, since you have to keep the text completely editable just pick some new fonts that fit better with the theme and make it more interesting.


You are right, thanks for your valuable observation. I will work on it.

hi as for me i agree with what @XioxGraphix said , u have to keep in mind by the way that here logos are considered in small size and that the concerned small size is very little compatible with having a lot of details. Details make the thing look more compact in small size, thus more heavy and sometimes less aesthetic if this is getting too dense and that spaces fade away … but to be honest for me the real issue is not that one all the same, since, at the moment , as far as i am concerned, i believe that the typo is really really flat and rather far from the high standards and expectations that are required here, no matter where u are posting … the thing gets even worse when u make the typo a “totem” out of introducing some lines in between which are sort of parasitizing the logo and in particular the text part

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