Hello my friends. What are the mistakes in the logo?

hi sorry to say just this but i have a bit a trouble to see concept here , in the first place. There is an issue resulting form this , this is that this is hard to identify who is the “target” of this logo … not to mention that using the “z” letter is not necessarily the best choice when it comes to widening the commercial potential of the item. Nowadays this is better to hit a niche , no doubt but rather about the activity , this choice looks rather restrictive than any other thing. Then, to tell u how i feel, there is a real problem with color combinations indeed - almost all of them to be more accurate - the previews do not necessarily look good and most importantly again do not really value your work. The one color version is by far the best one, if u ask me. There is also a matter of imbrication, in other words, the way both the illustration and texts part are placed with each other. At the moment, both parts look a bit disconnected. The typo maybe a bit simple and flat for here, where expectations are high in terms of typo

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