Hello my friends . What are the mistakes in the logo? Do you think I care very much. Greetings

Your logos looks amateurish and there are far away from required quality standards. Mainly your logos has no concept. Also you have issues with typography, shapes, colors.

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hi, as for me i see a collection of problems, i wish u could have just posted things one by one that would have been easier to make a complete review but as u did not i will try to do my best be as exhaustive as i can get indeed … so let’s get started

flight company
1- execution
u have to really make sure that everything is very well executed al the way , this is a tough category and all details matter
2- flat concept
indeed, not only is this concept not that new as it was used for french post offices a very long time ago but indeed, with time passing by and all the catalogue of products already existing, the thing looks quite plain and far from bringing the expected originality indeed
3- global style
as mentioned this is not a purely original thing that u have here, this is not connecting with any current trend and nothing is really popping out, which rather tends to make the logo appear as sort of tasteless …
4- colors
they are not contrasting enough they tend to “level things up” , see next point
5- hierarchy
indeed, the distribution and the colors that u have chosen are not bringing anything to be really outstanding , punchy or whatever , the global logo is lacking relief and fails to catch the attention of all people seeing it
6- typo
the typo may look rather harmonious with the rest - i can agree with this - but the problem is that , to be honest this looks rather plain, old and kind of outdated too …, the typo is lacking variations, font combos and touches of originality to say the least …
7- finition
indeed, this is not done what u have here , to have a sort of melted “reflection of the logo” to create motion effect , this is not only going to bring some potential problems as regard to where this is going to be printed in terms of colors but this is not particularly looking good and abiding by standards , too
8- alignment
this is linked to slanted logo and italic font, of course this is matching rather well but this is also generating a feeling of having things not being properly aligned and as u may know indeed, alignment is a basic design principle and thus something not to mess with …
9- preview
pls avoid putting a logo so close from the edges of the board this makes the thing “choke” and this is taking some impact and harmony away from the preview and feeling that people have about your logo …

nature water
1- concept
to start with this logo the main thing to say about it is that the concept is overused and the lack of originality of such an item in terms of initial idea is in no way helping u to have the item approved , to say the least, besides, i personally have trouble to identify why these elements and why organized like this … see point 2
2- coherence
i am not sure what this is supposed to be standing for but it looks like that the drop has mustache made of leaves , which is looking quite odd if u ask me … not to mention that the thing could potentially also be considered as wings. Well the fact of the matter is that this is always a big issue when people cannot identify what this is and who this is addressed to
3- execution
this is sort of linked to what i have just expressed … as elements are unclear and so on, this is somehow looking like there is a big issue with the execution
4- choices of used colors
indeed, this black color in the name is completely disconnected from the rest and is coming out of the blue indeed … this is bringing more trouble to the table, see next point
5- disharmony and unity
a logo is a whole, both illustration and text part cannot be “disconnected” from each other but the problem is that , with what u have this far, it looks as if the text part is “dissociated” from the illustration , the use of colors, the fact of matching style and fonts are instrumental in this …
6- typo
well once again, there is a blatant lack of variations, font combinations and touched of originality so that this is looking better and more worked out and that this is also ultimately offering more relief
7- readability
i would not go as far as u are violating the contrast basic desing priqciple but indeed u are rather close until , at least , what can be reproached is that the tagline is (close or definitely) unreadable. u have to keep in mind that texts are meant not only to be read but also have at least a bit impact so that they do not look superfluous

for me this is by far the best that u have here though i cannot say that there is nothing to say about it all the same … i personally for instance like much much more the one color version than the “rainbow” one. This type of rainbow range of color is overused and doesn’t help to bring originality to the table. Then u have a small issue of imbrication, with illustration and text parts are not completely connected and well arranged enough at the moment and drawing both part slightly closer from each other would make the logo look more aesthetic indeed … The typo is also quite rigid, definitely flat , lacking originality, variations, font combinations and thus relief as well if u ask me. I feel rather useful to add that here , typo is much of an issue, probably the “main focus” and that expectations are high and much effort will be demanded no matter what is the category where u are posting indeed …