Hello Jungle!

Hi everyone!

I’m new on Audiojungle and today was my first item approval! :grinning:
I feel really happy although I haven’t sold anything yet :sweat_smile:
Here is my first track here

P.s. give me some feedback on it! and thank you so much!!


Hey and welcome to the 'Jungle, Mellodeen!

Sounds like you’re on the right track with your track :wink:

Best of luck to you!


Hi Mellodeen. Welcome and congrats on your first approved track. Very entertaining piece. Nice work! :+1:Have a great 2016 here at the Jungle!

Welcome @Mellodeen! Wish you alot of sales!

@Mega_Music , @AurusAudio thank you!:slight_smile:

@MidnightSnap thank you!!

Hey, congrats on the sale!

Hi Mellodeen, welcome to the Audiojungle! :slight_smile:
Wish you alot of sales and good luck!

Welcome! Good luck with sales!

It’s an excellent motivation theme and the production is good. Well done Mellodeen!

Hello! Welcome, nice track!

Hey there @Mellodeen :wink:
Great work and welcome.


Welcome to Audiojungle! Wish you many sales! Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone so much!!

Have fun here :slight_smile:

Wow, great song! Welcome to Audiojungle.


Hi Mellodeen. Great track!

Hi and welcome! :slightly_smiling:

Heeey!!! Welcome to jungle, fella!!!))))

Welcome Mellodeen !!!