Hello! Is this a commercial product?

I believe every music track has the potential to be commercial. How big the succes will be, depends on so many factors.

Your track has a good beat, but it’s also quite experimental. I can imagine that will reduce the chance of a commercial “AudioJungle” success or approval.

More curious: why do you ask this question?

Thanks for the answer. Often my tracks do not accept not because of technical reasons, but because they are not commercial products. So I want to to understand what the error is in my track to be accepted.

Hey mraleks!

I would agree with ID in that it is quite experimental, which is usually not a great indicator of a stock commercial track. Typically a commercial track would be a lot more theme oriented, usually building and playing around one theme as opposed to groove/dance oriented.

In my opinion it’s not usual work, but interesting.
I do not know where it can be applied as a background.