Hello, I'm new here; would like opinions before uploading a tune :)

Hello, I’m a new member trying to get a grip about which kind of tracks are suitable for AJ. So, I started working on a few audio logos & idents to learn as I go.

But since (at the present time) I don’t mix in an optimal room, I would like your honest opinion about a short happy piece I just wrote.

First, do you think it’s too simple for AudioJungle? And what about the mix? Any feedback, positive or negative, will be very appreciated. The audio is here: http://picosong.com/hc78/

(Oh, and I hope the site I uploaded my tune to is permitted around here as I don’t have a Soundcloud account for now). Thanks.

I like it. Its perfect for some short intro videos :slightly_smiling:

sounds pretty good, maybe, a little more of reverb for the celesta, or adjust the decay, my humble opinion…

I think you’re right (I wondered if it was not too dry too). Reverb is one of the things that is a bit hard to judge in the room I’m in (I plan on treating this room as soon as I can). Thank you for your comment.

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Thank you, that’s encouraging. :slight_smile:

no problem, ure welcome

Celesta sounds a bit dry and loud for me. I guess this will be approved. Good luck :wink:

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Thank you for your comment. I listened to it again (on headphones) and agree that the celesta was unnecessarily loud. And since its tone is able to cut through a mix easily, I lowered its volume and added a little touch of reverb to it.

(For my first musical upload, I played it safe with a bouncy & happy little tune and now it’s in the queue, so I’ll see… :slight_smile: )