Hello, I want to ask a question?

If I buy a product, I have the right to create my application with my own idea. And publicly expose. So that everyone has the right to visit and use. (ADMIN TEMPLATE)

Not exactly but it depends how exactly you use it.

Envato products can’t be using as part of “on demand” or SASS products, unless you purchase a new license for every instance/website etc in which it is being used

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If you have purchased an admin template, and intend to use it only on one domain (usually your own) then you can edit, adapt or make the theme “unique to yourself”. But as charlie4282 pointed out, you CANNOT then resell or redistribute the theme as if it is your own work, which is how I understand your question.

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Okay, I’ll try to explain to other methods. For example, I bought a template and made a pile system. Do I have the right to make services in my system and sell? Not the template itself, namely the services in the template? And will it be all official? And what rights do I not violate?

I don’t know what a pile system is but the item can only be used to make one end project so you would need to be sure that there’s nothing related to the template in your services