Hello I need some help.

Hello guys! I’m new here and I need help on this track. Please give me some feedback in terms of quality and composition. Thank you!

Great track! I like particularly the last chord. Arrangement is well done. However, the part at 2:25 drop too empty and static to me. Maybe the strings motif could continue but lower and softer in the background using the cellos? You could add trumpets for last repetiitons an octave higher above the french horns or/and choir to make the last part more full. You could put two notes harmony play by the trombones just under the french horns too. In short, the arrangement needs to be fuller in some places I think.

On the mix side, your snare like percussion is maybe too in front and dry? The mix sound a bit narrow. More sub-bass and treble could enhance it. Check the volume difference between your instruments too. Basses and cellos, if they are there, are not enough loud. 1st Violins and brass could be a bit louder. At the end the master will need to be louder than that +6 db at least.

Thank you so much. Your tips are highly appreciated.

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