Hello. I need advice on the sound of the track

Just starting to make music, I recorded two guitars, your opinion is very necessary! thank

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I will write only about “sound quality”

  • too much natural, room reverb
  • too big volume peaks
  • too muddy (just cut everything under 200hz by 12db slope + lower <300-600> freq)
  • add some air to this by add high shelf in around 5000Hz +

It sounds like it was recorded with a direct microphone (it is really closed), the guitar from what I know is better to record with a condenser microphone for depth of sound (at the moment everything sounds like you’re behind the wall)

I like composition very much but i also hear some timing issues. :confused:

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Good, positive music, but you need more equalization, a very rude sound.

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Find the too loud frequencies in the low mid, bass and sub and attenuate them with very narrow notches (you have some notes that are very resonant and others are ok). Don’t just low cut everything at 200 hz or you will lose all the warm and bottom vibrations and still have too resonant notes compare to others. Attenuate only harmonics that need to be attenuate. The guitar is your only instrument so it needs to cover all the spectrum if you don’t want a tiny cold mix/sound. It just needs to be well balance. You have too much low end for sure, after the attenuation of the too loud harmonics, I would use a low shelf maybe somewhere between 200 and 300 hz with a large Q factor and attenuate between maybe 5-8 dbs (use your ears).You need to get back the mid and treble. If those frequencies are really not there you will need to record everything again. As WIDE-VIEW said, try a good condenser mic for more high frequencies and details in your recording. Place better the mic(s) and experiment before to record real takes. Use a reference mix with solo guitar or just guitar and vocal if you don’t find.

You have bad clicking sounds at some places (ex: 0:16 - 0:18 and 0:32). Acon Digital DeClick is very effective for that. Use a spectrum analyzer (Voxengo SPAN) to find more easily the problematic frequencies.

Nice composition by the way. :wink:

I hope it helps! :slight_smile: