Hello guys! please i need some help.

I uploaded this Item on Graphicriver. After a few days, I received an email by Envato in which they rejected my project. I don’t know what is the problems on this Item.

“Unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

I need some help and thank you.

What’s the item?

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the item is CODER STICKER TEXT EFFECT for Adobe Illustrator “Graphic Style”.

Good day, it’s too simple, you should better work out the design of your project and make sure that it is ready for use and sale. Ask yourself, would you buy this?

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Ah ok. It is quite simple, but also, generally you should include at least 8 - 10 effects in one item. I make layer styles for Photoshop and lately I’ve been including 15 to 20 effects per item.

Sometimes you can get away with 1 or 2 effects if its really complex and/or wouldn’t fit in any sort of pack, but this one in particular could easily fit within a pack of 15 to 20 effects using a similar style.

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I made 8 effects but the same result isn’t at the quality standard :slight_smile: I will make these better Thank you for your quick response.

It seems to me that this is still far from the quality standards, try to be inspired by Dribble or Behance and you will succeed, do not give up at the first failures.

Shortest and most important tip for you and other Authors asking for help here is:

“Time saving item” - This is the main key equal to aesthetic and quality.

Time saving means someone would buy specific item to save his working time. Items presented here are not time saving items in my opinion (as a graphic designer) because for me faster is make such effects by myself than downloading them, unpacking them and use them - I am serious :slight_smile: and remember, most of your customers are people like me too, I am designer but sometimes I am buying some actions etc. to save my time (only for my personal use - remember you can’t buy something on the market to resell such item or action etc.).

100% with your opinions to thinking about “Time-saving item”. I will work on more effects and make these effects better. Thank you so much.

hi indeed u have to realize that the question asked by @XioxGraphix is a very essential one indeed, this proves that, through your presentation , you failed to make people understand what u have to offer and what they are supposed to buy … which is a major problem , i guess u can identify this

in addition , apart from being a little bit outdated in terms of style, what u have to offer here is most importantly again lacking relief … this is pretty “raw” at this stage only additional effects will create a “wow effect” and push the potential buyers to buy and reviewers to accept the item in the first place. U need to introduce more depths, probably through the use of gradient

the fact of using more elaborated fonts may also help to underline the effect that u will have created , right now the whole thing looks a bit flat if u ask me