hello friends, my logo keeps getting rejected, I need guidance and input

hello friends, my logo keeps getting rejected, please help me, I need guidance and input

Good idea but poor execution
Regards from Bali :wink:

hello, thank you for the input, and regarding my design is there anything lacking in terms of composition or the font that I use or is there something that doesn’t match?
Greetings from Lumajang, East Java

I realy like the idea.
Love this logo.
Cannot say why it is rejected.

Cloud itself is too big and try reducing the size of the line. It lacks where the cloud connects the crown…

hello, thanks for the input, this is very useful for me

hello, thanks for the feedback

Hello @Salimsawitra93

I think that your logo is very good idea “cloud king” but you need add 2 or 3 colors, and you need better typography in text (beautiful letter) and lack you add tagline below of text “cloudking”, but you need small icon and text big are different (you can see other example logo graphicriver approved for give inspirations), regards.

hello JeriTeam, thank you for your feedback, this is very helpful and hopefully it can be approved in the future

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No reason to reject. Really beautiful logo. Can be an awesome logo for a mattress company, or a natural hotel too. I love it.

I understand your frustration with envato. They have a review team that cannot understand the nuances and perceptions from other styles.

the only small detail is the rounded line on cloud and spike points at the crown.

Love it anyway.

hello, thanks for your feedback, yes i’m right" don’t understand with the graphicricver review team, there are a lot of my logos are all rejected.
but I don’t know where the error is, is there something wrong with my logo, or my presentation is not good,
your input is very useful for me

Perhaps the problem is not in the logo, but in the GraphicRiver category itself? Perhaps the theme of the logo has been exhausted and templates of this type are no longer popular among sales?

I think this design is good and needs no improvement. You can suggest other color versions and that’s probably it.

Good luck :muscle:

hello, thanks for your feedback, I put this logo template in the object category, maybe this category doesn’t match this logo, your input will be very useful for me