hello everyone my item is soft reject 2 times Pls help me



Reason is i used celebrity images but i did not find which image i used in preview image is celebrity pls help me

You need to remove the Celebrity portraits and risque images from the preview image. Keep in mind this is a family friendly marketplace.


I think the reviewer could be pointing towards the last image because it may seem a bit provocative and I say that only considering the fact that I did not find any other problematic image unless there was a celebrity in there who I’m unaware of. So… I might be wrong as well.


Ha ha. Do you really think that Ke$ha is not famous singer? She is very famous. You probably heard at least one of her song.
368 834 311 people viewed this clip. Do you really don’t know who is she? Is it a joke? Can not understand.


Sorry. I have heard her name but did not know her appearance. I’m not from the USA. My mistake and apologies.


I’m not from the USA too :slight_smile:
I recommend you to use images only from popular sites, that have needful license.
Such as:


thanks for comment