Hello Envate Teams I need help with traveler theme how can i edit user dashboard

I m sharan i need help with traveler theme how can i edit user dashboard next my car option you can see 4 tabs , where can i edit these codes

check it screenshots

Do you mean the content of these tabs or the actual tabs e.g. titles, fields etc. themselves?

text fields , input fields, select fields , logo fields

please see then attach file

Basic info column

  • “Description” should be non-obligatory
  • “Short intro” should be completely removed
  • ”manufacture logo” should be completely removed
    ● Info column
  • “Pick up features” should be removed
  • “Equipment Price List” and “Features” should be completely removed
    -”Fax”, “Video”, “Info about car”, “Auto transmission”, “Baggage”, “Free cancellation”,
    “Pay at pickup”, “Shuttle to car”, “Booking period” should be completely removed.
    -” Minimum days to book” should be changed to “Minimum days allowed to book the
  • “External booking” should be removed.
    ● Price column
  • “Car types” it should not be an option, all cars are normal type, we don’t offer the
    option of car transfers
  • “Price” should be changed to “Price (in USD)”
  • “Number of cars to rent” should be completely removed.
  • “Deposit payment options” This feature allows the guests to book a car and only
    pay a deposit and pay the rest later. That is not our way of doing business at all

The content ‘in’ those fields you just change in the editor here.

If you want to modify what fields/options appear that would require modifying the main theme files which is quite an advanced update and one with the potential to create significant problems if not done correctly.

no i want to remove some options i can’t used like Short Intro * and Manufacture logo *

i can’t find theme file where can i edit this all tabs options

if you agree i will provide ftp access to do , if you can’t do then please just tell me theme file name where are come all these data


You need to contact the author https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203039054-How-to-contact-an-author

As you have no buyer badge you need to log in using the account which purchased the theme. If it was a download from Envato Elements, then unfortunately there is no guarantee that the author will be able to help.

Any option there regarding the settings.

can you please help