Hello Community, We have created helpdesk system With Powerful Envato Integration

Hello creators

Can i have two minute of your time?

My name is Gaurav, Founder at SaaSMonks and Desku.io

we are a helpdesk, knowledgebase, Livechat startup and we are fully integrated with envato API to make your work more easy with verification and customer support.

we would love to have you onboard and give us feedback about system.


We’re on desky saas software. What does yours bring as new features comparing to the latter?

Thankyou @cssninjaStudio for showing intrest.

  1. we are affordable ( we are planing to do LTD - life time deal for our fellow envato authors )
  2. continues development and enhancement ( future update contains envato focused enhancement like author collobration and DMCA support )
  3. Livechat + Standalone chatbots

Feel free to connect with us at info@desku.io

would love to have your insignts

Quite a few links on your menu system don’t lead anywhere… is your site still being developed?

yes there is major update we are releasing. also we have been updating features page that may caused a lag.