Hello, a question about pictures in projects (not photos).Please help me!

Hello there!I know that you need to make separate compositions for photos and text.Do I need to make compositions for png images that are design elements?For example, I drew clouds or twigs in Illustrator, do I need to Pre-compos them? And can I apply effects to them?

Hi. Separate and well identified pre-comps are made for customers to edit the parts of the project that you designed to be editable, to have easy access to these parts/elements/assets. How other design elements are organized is a different thing and it’s up to you, and you can apply effects to them, even make these effects editable for customers or not (pre renders).

Thank you for your answer! There are a lot of nuances on the video hive, it’s hard to figure it out right away. Probably I will ask many more questions. It’s a pity that they are reluctant to answer here, so far only you have answered. Thank you!

You’re welcome!:+1: