Held for a loooong time...


Anyone any ideas?

Sometimes it happens. You have to wait for a couple of days for a second review.

A couple of weeks in this case :eyes:

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Mhh I think something went wrong there. Normally a temporarily held track gets a second review within 24 hours, maybe 48, but definitely not 26 days :drooling_face::joy:.

No mate, your item was submitted 26 days ago, it’s on hold for tops 72 hours. This usually happens when a reviewer needs a second opinion on something. No reasons to worry! Cheers! :slight_smile:

Best solution, write to Envato Team for help… :slight_smile:

How did you come up with this number? Normal queue is currently around 11 days. So at 26 days, it’s on hold for a bit more than 72 hours, I’d say.

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It’s now at 28 days.

Normal wait is 11 days.

This makes for an extra 17 days on hold.

That’s 408 hours?

At 15 extra days that’s not 72 hours. It’s 360 hours?

Can you convert that in minutes as well? Better yet, send Envato Support a message and see what’s happening! :slight_smile:

The question is: is it still modern country once the review is done? Hope it gets resolved soon!


Of course I can!

I was asked how I got to two weeks.

I explained.

I then pointed out how 2 weeks is not 72 hours.

That’s all really. :metal:

Request for help sent anyway.


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