Hebrew alphabet animated

Going to submit soon
all letters are animated
pen writing the letters in board

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It’s a good idea, but I’m not too sure about the execution. You’ve gone for a niche, and although there might not be loads of potential buyers, you’d probably clear up when they do turn up. However, I think the style you’ve gone for could be a bit restrictive when it comes to usability. At the moment it looks like it would be suitable for teaching a child (maybe in a ‘teach your child Hebrew’ DVD or something), but not so much for anything else.

I’d eliminate multiple birds with minimal stones, by having a few different versions… the ones you have, pen and letters with transparent background and no board, just letters with transparent background and no board, different types of pens… more adult ones rather than crayons etc etc.

Search for animated alphabet on VideoHive and take a look at some of the great examples there. If you could come up with something like those but for the Hebrew alphabet then I’m sure you’d do pretty well.

Although as a disclaimer… these are just my opinions and it doesn’t mean that your item will get approved if you do follow my advice!