Heard Rejection

Please help i was upload 3 time but reject my web template i don’t know why please give some hints what the problem to add or remove any kind of content this is the url http://theme.depthor.com/

  1. Bad logo
  2. No https
  3. http://theme.depthor.com/favicon.ico 500 (Internal Server Error)
  4. Lots of lorem ipsum text
  5. A single typeface, I would use another more robust one for the titles.
  6. The dropdown doesn’t open on hover
  7. When you are in blog-list.html and click on contact you get a javascript error in the console and it doesn’t go anywhere.
  8. Checkbox for categories in sidebar?
  9. Takes a long time to load
  10. Honestly, it needs a lot of design improvements to be a premium template.