Health Supplement WordPress Theme - SCAMMERS

I regret to say that my experience with the support for this WordPress theme has been extremely disappointing. I purchased this theme with the intention of promptly launching a Facebook campaign for a product, but instead, I find myself compelled to leave this review due to the utter lack of support and the resulting frustration I’ve encountered.

I’ve been waiting for assistance with a critical issue regarding some buggy icons on this theme for an entire week. The situation is especially disheartening because, when I initially reached out to their support team, I was assured that the problem would be resolved within 30 minutes. Unfortunately, seven days later, not only has the issue remained unresolved, but I’m also met with complete radio silence from their end.

This kind of unresponsiveness is not only frustrating but also highly unprofessional. It’s disheartening to feel like my investment in this theme has gone to waste, and I am left with a product that is not only riddled with bugs but is also costing me both time and money.

I implore the support team to rectify this situation promptly. I have legitimate business needs that hinge on the proper functioning of this theme, and the delays have caused unnecessary setbacks. I hope this review serves as a call to action for the support team to take my concerns seriously and assist me in resolving these issues as soon as possible.

In light of the urgency of my situation, I kindly request that the support team reach out and provide the assistance and support I was promised when I initially purchased this theme.

Finally he answered after one week and he call me a scammer and a s.hit. My only fault was that I paid him for a theme that is not working