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Is there somewhere too News- A template for the issue of health ? What I 've seen so far of a news- templates either totally bad or totally uninspired , so seems to be the one from the other to copy . This is particularly striking in personnel themes . Why do you give yourself so much trouble not even half as business topics ? Non lucrative enough ? Then let quite . Who wants to pay even 50 or more dollars for a half-finished theme . If I would work as in my job as you at your themes , I would be unemployed. So please offer your customers what finally fair value for their money . In addition, support and updates can often be desired .

Regards An angry Kund with many ideas


With all due respect do you genuinely feel that a fully functional WordPress theme for $50 is not a fair deal?

These are stock templates they are not designed to be final polished products - more a building block from which to create what each individual site needs. For example if you want news content around health or any other topic there is nothing stopping you modifying the content or theme to suit this.

Have you got examples of real life sites like what you think they should consider? I am genunely interested to see a health based news site.

If someone wants a custom to their needs project then that require freelancers or agencies at which point the bill goes u into the thousands of $

Support and updates are provided here - in fact under envato’s new policies all buyers get officially guaranteed support for 6 months and updates etc. for life.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I struggle to understand how anyone can think they are not getting an exceptionally good deal here.


Sure the price is too high at $ 50, now is therefore Themes die even cost more than 60 dollars. And if that should be only one component, it is only too expensive. Also why should I spend $ 63 when I only need the features of a $ 50 theme. Perhaps here should various types of themes to choose from?

Certainly, the creation of an individual topics will cost a lot of money, but they are sold If I see that here Themes 1000 or 10000 times deserve to die Webdesigener significantly more money. So I can also expect more.

So yes sure is updates, but eventually, when the web designer has no desire Will the issue be deleted and you can not get more Herran. OR. Sometimes you have days to wait for a response from a turning Signers get , ideal for people at all A gets.

Was really bothers me is the lack of imagination of the web designer did the one the others copied and no longer to be really krativ Seems? In addition, many sites far too confusing. It would be good times, ideal for people times a news template for the subject of health appear dignity.


Have you got links to some Health news site that you think is good? I genuinely would like to see the kind of thing that you are referring to.

All the other points come down to one simple thing: This is a stock marketplace

Authors need to build what sells: It has been proven time and time again that the style you see no matter how repetitive is what works.

‘Versions’ of themes with/without features would be great idea but long term would cause a headache, and authors need to cater to the needs of everyone (it’s not a custom build).

You get what you pay for (in actual fact here you get way more than what you are paying for) - If someone wants ongoing and fast support, updates, uniqueness then they should not be shopping on a stock marketplace and need to find the budget to go to an agency - It would be the same with anything in life.

it all comes down to the nature of the marketplace and that authors have to play to what works; otherwise these marketplaces won’t exist, and then all the people who are not prepared to or cannot pay an agency will be really in trouble!

I’d still be really interested in seeing examples of these health news sites. Thanks