Heads Up About King Composer

I came across this from 5 months ago. I thought it was worth people knowing:


I’ve been on their website and there are a few 404 pages, I also looked up the plugins for it and found that nothing has been updated recently.

I think envato should maybe send them an email and see what the official answer on whats happening…

…maybe. :grinning:

P.s. If they say that it’s going the way of the dodo, Is there anyone who can create a transfer tool plugin for migrating a King Composer built website to wpbakery/visual composer or elementor?

I believe authors would want to buy it themselves as they could give breath new life into old templates, and customers would want to buy it if they bought a King Composer theme.

Hi b2bcreative, did you ever find a plugin that converts King Composer content to WPBakery/Visual Composer/Elementor?

I have one client site that was built using a theme that uses King Composer and am wondering how to easily rework it.

Sorry to just get back to you. I have not found anything yet. I was hoping someone on here would have been able to help with that too. I have just been doing my best to stick with elementor and wpbakery themes since.

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