Header spacing and button link problems

I inherited the maintenance chores of a website using the Aperio theme and Slider Revolution, but just discovered that the theme author, bradweb, does not provide any support. Can anyone help me with the following:

I created a new homepage (published, but not linked to anything: http://www.creativeedgesoftware.com/test-home-page.) There are huge gaps above and below the slider. I believe the CSS fix would be something like: .page-id-1975 .header-margin{margin-top: 0;} and .page-id-1975 .content-box{padding: 0 30px;} – but the theme and slider environment are new to me, and I’m unsure where to add the CSS.

Second, Slider Revolution lets you create buttons, but I can’t seem to find a way to connect mine with a simple page URL. (The Actions in SR seem to let you do lots of other things, like advance to the next slide or play a video, but simple site navigation doesn’t seem to be one of them. Am I missing something?)


I can fix those issue. Let’s talk on details.

Email: jakariakhan015@outlook.com
Skype: jakaria.khan015