Header content and picture not updating with the revolution slider template. Please help

Hello everyone, my names Paul. I’m new to
the forum. I’m using the revolution slider on my wordpress website. On the home
page in the header are a photo, logo and some content.

I’ve changed the content and repositioned
the photo and then updated it, but when I refresh the home page the new changes
have not appeared.

In the word press frontend, I go to
revolution slider, click on edit of the homeslider, scroll down to where the
photo and text are, make the changes then press save slider.

It then says please wait a moment, slider
updated. When I go into any other pages and then come back to the homeslider, I
can see the new changes, but it does not update it when I refresh the url in
the browser.

I’m using wordpress 4.6. The version of the
revolution slider is

I can change the header information on the
other pages and see the updated content when I refresh the url, but it does not
work on the homepage.

Please can someone advise why it’s not
updating and how I can fix it?

Kind Regards