Header colour settings division line between the names

Hello, I need some help. I would like to change the colour line between the header names. See included picture. Where can I change the colur. Thanks in advance.

It will be controled in the CSS

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Could you make some examples, please.
I think it is possible to change the colour in the theme options?

Maybe but if it is in options then it will be more likely to impact several elements.

It would be much easier to do it with custom CSS

Thanks for the fast reply
Could make an example with the css and where can I change and write in the css code.

Thanks in advance

It’s impossible to give advice wihtout seeing the working site/code

If you share the link here then we can tell you want to use


that is my homepage

In appearance > customise > custom CSS (or in theme custom CSS options):

  1. Paste the code below:

    #Top_bar .menu > li > a span {
    border-color: #ffffff;

  2. Change the #ffffff for whatever colour you want it to be


Thanks s lot, I will try it today.
Feedback will follow

Hello Charlie, it works very good. Thanks. With BeTheme I’m happy

One question regarding the responsove settings. In the desktop version my photo is positioned in the left side, that is ok. In mobile version (responosive) the photo stays the same size and get over the hole display!
Do you have an idea how to change it in the mobile version, that the photo gets smaller like the examples includet in the picture? Thanks in advance

technically the way it works is ‘optimised’ correctly.

it would require a bit of work to alter the site to just do what you want but there may be an option in the theme (you prob need to ask the author) to turn off mobile responsiveness which would probably end up achieving what you are after