Header/bubble area covers image slide on Ventus theme

On some pages the bubble bar hides the slide image. On others it does not. What should I be looking for to set it so that it does not hide the image.

www.dtedjs.com if you want to look and see.

On pages where the slider image is hidden, the slider does not have any height. Assign height to it then the image in slider will show up. I think this is happening becasue there’s not title text in the slider (it’s just a guess, I could be wrong but just add height and that should fix the issue)

Thank you for the reply. Don’t see any were to adjust size with out going into editing the code. didn’t set any of it so didn’t think that would be the problem. But after going over the pages I discovered on the faulty pages I had a slider enabled. Disabling that stopped the conflict.