HDR and HDR Fakes

hi all,
any chance to split the conputergenerated skies in the hdr cathegory from the real hdr skies?
we have hundrets of “renderd hdri skies” here which are made in 3d apps. but they have nothing to do
with real shoot hdri images. there’s a big big difference between open a sky in a 3d app and redner out a
360° 32bit map and a real produced hdr map (no need to explain that here). i realy would have a split between
"fake hdri’s" and the real thing. what would be a buyer of prof. hdr files think on a search with tonns of “generated skies”??? - ask yourselfe!
Maby there’s a market for these files so for sure, go on produce and sell them!
but pleas split them from professional produced hdr files.