Having trouble with image size on front page of

Hi everyone, I am having trouble with the image size for my home page on the Golf Club theme.

I have been able to position the image where I want it (top of page, below menu and logo) but cannot get it to spread to full screen width. Anyone experienced with this theme who may offer some suggestions? tia

Have you set the row/image element in the page builder to stretch?

Not sure where that is done. I have tried adding a slider and an image with correct image size and ratio but no luck.

In the row setting (cog icon top right of the row in the page builder) there is a drop down with options to set the width and content https://wpbakery.com/video-academy/full-width-row/

That helped. Thank you!

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I have a further question. I have managed to inset image full width but cannot figure out how to get that image to lay beneath the menu as it appears in the theme preview. In WP Bakery, I cannot find a column for that section of the page so assume it should be set elsewhere.

This is what I see;

This is what I am trying to achieve but my image sits well below the top of the page. I am frustrated that I cannot figure out how to edit this section of the theme. :frowning:


You mean ‘behind the menu’ right? The demo is using a slider and not an image in the main content like you have it

It looks like the slider might be set in a custom field in the page admin rather than a row in the page builder

Thank you for your replies. I discovered that my installation was missing one of the plug-ins plus the rev slider version was outdated. that problem fixed.