Having trouble with google mobile and HEALTHFLEX Medical Health WordPress by plethorathemes

Not a happy bunny, as no-one at plethorathemes is helping, there is a major issue with this theme in google mobile, we are being flagged up daily with issues on the mobile version, but every time we run it through the google mobile checker it blows green??? WHY IS GOOGLE CONSTANTLY FLAGGING IT UP??? it is a very big website, we don’t have the money or time to replace this whole website theme, me or my client shouldnt have to if the theme maker "plethorathemes’ fixes this mistake as it is driving us made and effecting our rankings daily, Please Please, you are still selling this theme on your website while it has major mobile issues, can anyone help?

Hello @katsgraphics

@plethorathemes have a 2 business days response time for that theme. If you haven’t done it already, you can also open a support ticket on their support forum: https://plethorathemes.com/support/?envato_item_id=13115123

I am not sure if by Google Mobile checker you mean this speed checker: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?hl=en, but Google is not sending flags or warning regarding speed.

If the website is being flagged, the problem can be somewhere else: in the website configuration, in the .htaccess configuration, redirects configuration or other similar issues, not related to speed.

If you don’t receive a reply soon from the theme author, you could also try to post here the messages from Google, we will try to help, we are a community of friendly people :slight_smile:


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Thank you for your help but the issue is not about speed, we are getting alerts in google webmaster tools , we have been logging in daily to sort problem out with the mobile compatability with certain urls not the speed , but repeatly we get flagged up daily with the same and new ones being found 30 a day!!, we have spoken to plethorathemes they blame it on a minify plugin, we have sorted this out and still we get this same flag, we are just repeating ourselves daily, google flags up pages , we go to fix it, but google blows a green on the mobile compatability, all looks good, next day after google has crawled we get another 30 urls with the same problem

do you think there is something in the theme that keeps telling google robots its not mobile friendly ?

We have many websites we look after and none of them have this issue, but none of them are built in Healthflex theme, there is something going on with the coding, please see the website in question https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/ ,
We are just repeating ourselves with the support at plethorathemes, i just wanted to put out on the forum, incase anyone else has had the same issue, :scream:

Hello @katsgraphics.

Please visit our Support platform and open a ticket: https://plethorathemes.zendesk.com/

Thank you