Having Trouble Uploading Theme

I have uploaded the installment word theme files ten times and I keep receiving the message no stylesheet.
Can someone help me?

Hello :smiley:

It’s probably a very quick fix. Likely you’re just trying to upload the wrong files. Here’s the instructions you’ll need - https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821510-Theme-is-missing-the-style-css-stylesheet-error


I followed the instructions from the link you provided already and I tried it again . I still received the error . I downloaded the correct one

Hmmm strange. What is the theme you’re trying to upload? Perhaps it’s not a WordPress theme?

I downloaded the Installable Wordpress file only
Then I compress it to a file
Then upload it to Wordpress
After installing message comes

It’s a WooCommerce theme Book Store Responsive WooCommerce Theme

That explains why

Yup that’s a head scratcher because that’s a WordPress theme and if you’re following the instructions, it should be working. Here is the support area for that theme - https://crunchpress.ticksy.com/

Perhaps the author of that theme will have an idea?

Hi, when you download the installable WordPress files only, you have to upload to WordPress directly that file. No need to compress it again, it is already compressed.

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Thanks Hevada, it worked. It’s installed