Having hard time finding simple landing page/cover page themes

I’m usually a great googler :slight_smile: but I am having the hardest time finding simple, innovative landing page/ cover page templates for sale (or free) on WordPress. I want a 1 page, no scrolling, super simple design.

The one I love is on squarespace:

https://www.squarespace.com/coverpage/templates/jacket (sometimes it will not load directly from this link, if you search for “squarespace template jacket”, it’s the first organic link).

But I obviously want one for WordPress.

Any thoughts ladies and gents?

The issue that you have is that the example is far too basic and simple to be sold on any marketplace.

That’s partly because creating something like this would be relatively straightforward with most themes.

You could absolutely freelance that out, but it would cost more than a theme.

Did you see our Tango template? Is simple landing page with page builder.