Having Control Over the Release Time of Items



Hello, I was wondering if it’s possible to somehow control when our items are released into the market. Since there is a review period, we don’t know when exactly it will become available (or if it will at all). For my new items I’m trying market them in a professional and engaging way, instead of just throwing them out and hoping people will buy, and being able to give a date for when they’ll be released is something that I feel like would help with getting people interested.

Is this something we could ask for in the message to the reviewer? For example, lets say we submit an item for review on June 17th, then ask to have it put onto the marketplace on June 30, that gives enough time for review and possibly any changes that might be required.

Or is there some other way that people have done?


Hi @Xiox I am sorry to be a party pooper but there is no way to know exactly when the item is going to be reviewed. But you can check http://quality.market.envato.com/ to see how long its going to take, although it is always changing. So check the forums too :smiley:


Wow, 30 days for audio review? Dang that sucks! Though yes, I know that there’s no way to know for sure when it will be reviewed, my question is if we can request that an item be released on a specific day after it’s been reviewed, which would of course require that I give more than enough time to have it be reviewed.

I hope that makes more sense


Yes, I think what you are saying is clear. Never heard of it around the forums. Perhaps someone with more knowledge in the subject can help you. Good luck :smiley:


This has been discussed many times before and its not possible to request a release date on Audiojungle. At the moment you should be happy if the item get reviewed at all :wink:


Sad,but true.There is no control.When the review time always change it’s just imposiible to predict when the item will be released.
So maybe the best strategy would be creating high quality items and be patient )


It seems not possible to predict the release time exactly (if approved). However, if you keep the posted review times in mind in the well known thread, you can always say that the item will probably be released at a date after that review time. But you have to be sure the item will be approved, otherwise it will be negative marketing.